Planning your wedding day should be exhilirating and fun. It's a unique opportunity to create a memorable day with special meaning to you, your future husband, your family, and your friends.

Unfortunately, many brides and their families become overwhelmed with the magnitude of details that need to be considered for that special day to come together. For many, planning a wedding means navigating an unfamiliar industry and orchestrating an event far beyond anything they’ve ever attempted.

According to the Association of Bridal Consultants, the average bride spends a minimum of 150 hours planning her wedding. That’s a lot of time, especially in today’s world, where individuals are preoccupied with the responsibilities of their personal and professional lives.

A wedding is a huge undertaking! There are budgets, contracts, timelines and multiple people to choose and coordinate--designers, musicians, florists, seamstresses, vendors, stylists, caterers--not to mention a whole host of decisions to make (and get in writing) every step of the way.

It's no wonder that many brides pressed for time, advice, and inspiration have chosen A Wedding by Design to help create weddings remembered for their magic, not the grey hairs they caused. Some couples enjoy the creative process but get mired in the paperwork and details, while others need some creative rejuvenation after weeks of staring at their guest list spreadsheet.

A Wedding By Design has a menu of services to meet the individual needs of each couple. We offer experienced guidance, fresh approaches, and a broad network of resources to create unique and memorable celebrations for our Seattle-area clientele.


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